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Redefining HR Podcast Ep91: Season 6 Preview

A preview of the upcoming 6th season of the Redefining HR podcast.
Redefining HR Podcast Ep91: Season 6 Preview

Welcome to the 6th season of Redefining HR!

I'm thrilled to kick off this season with a preview of what to expect, guests, and some of the new developments for this season. I have two big announcements for the upcoming season of the podcast.

I'm partnering with the agency Rep Cap to produce the show this season. You may not know I produced the first 90 episodes myself in GarageBand, but I know my limits and the show has outgrown my limited audio engineering capabilities.

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The second update is season six is expanding to video! 📺 All episodes will now include video, as well as a blog write-up so you can consume the content in whatever format works best for you.

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