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Inside the Redefining HR Studio

A breakdown of the r/HR studio.
Inside the Redefining HR Studio

I’m often asked about the tools, tech, etc. that I use for my podcast and video production. I thought it would be helpful to build out a full list on Kit.co (below) so anyone can check out (and/or purchase) the gear I use.

The photo above is the full side angle of my setup. The photos below will show the two workstations I use for regular work and media.

Work Station

I do most of my day-to-day work here. The dual-curved monitors give an immersive feel that’s great for multitasking when I have 738 tabs open. 🤓

Media Station

I use the media station for most Zoom meetings and all of my podcast and video production. The tech is all fixed to a Jarvis electric sit/stand desk so I can record video in different settings. I have a collapsible green screen I use for my This Week in People videos I record using mmhmm.

Other software/SaaS apps I use include:



  • iMovie - Video editing
  • eCamm - Video
  • Demio - livestreaming events
  • Riverside.fm - (see above)
  • mmhmm - I use this for This Week in People and my conference presentations


  • Canva - Design/creative assets
  • Figma - I’m learning Figma to expand my design capabilities beyond Canva and satisfy me wannabe designer dreams and aspirations


Okay, “lounge” is generous. More like “chair in a corner”, but sometimes I like to step away from my desks and read or work somewhere else.


Good for a quick reset and refresher after the seventh consecutive Zoom call.

Verdict 9/10 (those pesky cords cost me).

Full Kit/Links

You can check out the full summary of all the tools, tech, etc below on my Kit.co page.

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