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Future Four-ward (⚡️ June 25, 2021)

As companies continue making their return to workplace plans, some are ditching the industrial era holdovers of what work looks like and experimenting with 4-day work weeks and other flexible programs.
Future Four-ward (⚡️ June 25, 2021)
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1 big thing: Future Four-ward

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Big picture: As companies continue making their return to workplace plans, some are ditching the industrial era holdovers of what work looks like and experimenting with 4-day work weeks and other flexible programs.

Why it matters: Kickstarter recently announced they will be experimenting with a 4-day work week, following other companies like Unilever and Shake Shack who have piloted similar programs in the past. The move is linked to a broader global #4dayweek initiative aimed at getting more organizations to embrace this approach.

Yes, but: “Despite the widespread enthusiasm for a four-day week, I am not convinced that kind of schedule is beneficial for employees or for businesses. The primary problem with the idea is that whatever work needs to be done, needs to get done in the same amount of total time. Despite wishes to the contrary, there are still only 24 hours in a day.” - Allard Dembe in “Why a 4 Day Work Week is Not Good For Your Health

What's next: The theme of flexibility and support goes deeper than the workweek. With the renewed emphasis on mental health, wellbeing, and support some organizations are doubling down on supporting employees and leaders in novel ways - like 776’s 2% Growth & Caregiving Commitment to founders they invest in.

Go deeper:

The bottom line: We’re 15+ months into a global pandemic and let’s be real - we’re all fried. Companies including Bumble, Credit Karma, Hootsuite, Thumbtack, and others are shutting down next week to give their employees some synchronized time off. We need to be mindful of the state our teams are in as develop our return to workplace plans - while designing our new work systems with retention as a primary driver.

This Week in People - June 25, 2021

Articles Discuss on this Week's Show

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More than 150 Houston Methodist Hospital employees were officially out of a job Tuesday, 10 days after a judge dismissed a lawsuit against the hospital by employees who opposed a Covid-19 vaccine mandate as a condition of employment, a hospital spokesperson said.
‘Back to human’: Why HR leaders want to focus on people again
Chief human-resource officers in Europe say a shift to employee-centric policies is long overdue. The pandemic is a big factor in their thinking, but process fatigue has been building for some time.
Return to Office? Some Women of Color Aren’t Ready
After more than a year of virtual work, employers are making plans to get back to the physical workplace. That has many workers worrying about the return of microaggressions and bias, too.
On Workplace Productivity - Future
What does it mean to be productive? At the beginning of the pandemic, when many workers went remote, some managers were tempted to start counting things — whether hours, objects, or other things. But they’re about 100 years and two industrial revolutions too late: In the mechanical and electrical re…
1 year, $3.8 billion later: How 2020’s race reckoning shook up Big Tech
While Fast Company found two-thirds of 42 tech firms it surveyed changed at least one policy in the wake of the racial justice protests, prominent Black tech workers and scholars believe that it’s too soon to know if the focus on equity will last.

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