Lars Schmidt, Founder

Hi. I’m Lars. I’m the Founder and sole principal of Amplify. I’ve spent 20+ years in a variety of corporate leadership and consulting roles with industry leaders including Ticketmaster, NPR, SpaceX, Hootsuite, Duo Security, Vimeo, and more.

I’m a wonk on modern HR and work to accelerate the evolution of HR capabilities and impact through efforts like the HR Open Source initiative I co-founded, regular columns in Fast Company and Forbes, authoring Redefining HR (Kogan Page, January 2021), co-authoring Employer Branding for Dummies (Wiley, 2017), the Redefining HR podcast and media series, and talks around the world.

When I’m not doing things related to the above I can be found at our Northern Virginia home where I’m dad and husband to two wonderful daughters and an amazing wife.

Disclosures: I advise and cohost a show for SAPSuccessFactors.