Building readiness for tomorrow's HR, today.

It’s time to let go of the past perceptions of HR. Modern operators work and think differently than their legacy predecessors. Redefining HR is a platform designed to support these leaders through learning, connections, and community.

Accelerating the Future of HR.


The traditional education and learning systems in HR are still largely rooted in legacy mindsets and practices. They’re not equipped to keep pace with the dynamic times we’ve experienced since the events of 2020 - and beyond.

Redefining HR is new approach to building readiness for modern HR and people operators. A holistic platform designed to build capability and connections through courses, resources, content, and community that modern people leaders need to build the skills necessary for today and tomorrow. More signal, less noise.

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Who Are These Course For

The Redefining HR Accelerator courses lean towards careers in technology and fast-paced industries that are embracing modern people practices. They’re best suited for practitioners in these industries at the moment.

Use Your Learning Budgets

Many employers will cover the cost of the cohort as professional development. Use this email template to request pre-approval or reimbursement.