The world of HR has never been more complex. Post-pandemic work planning, hybrid/remote, mental health prioritization & support, personalization and flexibility, agile practices, employee experience, and finding ways to keep employees (and ourselves) engaged after the tumultuous past 18 months.

While the field of HR and people ops has never had more blogs, resources, communities, and tools (👍), the sheer volume makes it difficult for busy practitioners to distill and prioritize signal over noise.

The complexity and demands of our roles often feels inversely proportional to our ability to invest the time needed to thoughtfully examine them.

This reality was front and center as I designed the roadmap for the Redefining HR Accelerator, and why I'm excited to launch the next channel(s) of the platform - a new newsletter & membership community. Membership is designed to help modern people operators optimize their limited time and connect with high-value resources, tools, updates, and peers to accelerate their career, capability, and networks.

The Redefining HR Accelerator newsletter will be a weekly collection of some of the top news, trends, reports, and resources in all things people. Each newsletter will include a deep dive on a key topic relevant to HR and people ops from multiple angles (example) and a 5-6 minute video breakdown of key HR and people news from the past week with links.